Overview of workshops

The fields of innovation in IT transformation include strategic, organisational, and product-oriented elements. The workshops are characterised by a basic part and an application or operational part. The aim of the workshops are to provide the participants with practical experience from complex transformations, to enable an exchange with experts, and to extend personal networks.

Upcoming Workshops

Technology and strategy
14-15.06.2018 | 9am-4pm | COREinstitute

Digitisation is a comprehensive, highly dynamic process driven by technological innovations, bringing with it a change in companies’ business models and surrounding ecosystems. The content of the programme provides a fundamental understanding of the mechanisms of change, an analysis of the effects on specific business models, and potential opportunities for the adaptation and design of concrete value creation approaches.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence
19-20.07.2018 | 9am-4pm | COREinstitute

Artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, deep/machine learning. In the future, learning, deciding and inventing will be strengthened beyond machine support by independently acting artificial networks. This allows for and forces a change in the relationship between human and machine, and thus also in the place and self-understanding of humans in general. The programme starts by opening up the fundamentals, and then concentrates on example applications and specific usage scenarios and their technical and cooperative implementability, for example with FinTechs.

Agility as a competitive factor
26-27.07.2018 | 9am-4pm | COREinstitute

The dynamic market environment, which has risen in principle and is continuing to increase, is causing a company’s capacity for adjustment and adaptation to become a critical competitive factor. In connection with developing a comprehensive understanding of agility in the dimensions of development, organisation and governance, the programme focuses on operationalising concrete opportunities, agile methods, and organisational forms for the individual company.

Payments as a game changer
09-10.08.2018 | 9am-4pm | COREinstitute

Payments are currently undergoing highly dynamic changes. Factors such as mobility and connectivity have a direct effect here. Various points of attack for new competitors are presenting themselves directly at the customer interface; the regulator has been forcing the liberalisation of the (European) market for years. The topics of the programme include, in particular, current and future regulatory changes in the field of payments, effects on the ecosystem and the existing roles of the players, the resulting need for institutions and service providers to adapt, and the business potential open to them.

Regulatory: the primacy of technology
06-07.09.2018 | 9am-4pm | COREinstitute

The regulatory requirements have been increasing for years in terms of their scope and their degree of specificity. For financial institutions, it is crucial to link the implementation of regulatory requirements with increased efficiency and the realisation of business potential. The content of this programme consists of an overview of the regulatory challenges, development for selected areas with a high share of value creation, and the sketching of solution spaces against the background of existing technologies.