Mirror of times

Am Sandwerder 21-23, a place that tells tales of German history, where inspiring minds found leisure to form institutions, and where others tried to limit freedoms.


In 1897, Friedrich Schwabacher, then director of the Deutsche Börse, purchased the property Am Sandwerder 21-23 and constructed his family's summer residence from 1905 to 1907. Following his death in 1927, the property changed owners several times until Swiss industrialist Franz Schicht invested in the property for what is now the Unilever Group.


During the Nazi dictatorship, the property was arianised in 1942 and amongst others, used by the Luftwaffe units for coordinating the development of jet engines. In the course of the liberation by the Allies, the buildings were used as a recreation center by the Berlin Brigade of the US Army.


After the war, the Berlin Rescue Mission acquired the property as a hospital and sold it following a failed demolition request shortly after the fall of the wall. However, the hotel business planned by the investors could not be realised. Therefore, the property was sold on to the present owners in 2007, with a subsequent conversion taking place. Since 2009, the site has been used as a campus by CORE.